Manufacturers! Are a small group of your distributor accounts bringing in 80% of revenue?

You DON’T have a sales problem, you DO have an “enablement” problem.

Distributors only work with people who make it easy to learn, position & sell product lines. The harder you make that process for them, the faster they get to an “Inactive State”.

Manufacturers know that to solve for “Distributor Inactivity” they need Distributor Enablement.

What is distributor enablement?

Distributor Enablement:

Manufacturers arming distributors with what they need to successfully position and sell their products in the market.

RESULT: Experiencing increased sales for the distributor, increased production for the manufacturer & satisfied end-users.

“We’ve traveled to meet distributors and built relationships, but the accounts aren’t growing. Maybe it’s best we look for brand new accounts so we can have a chance to hit our targets.

– Sales

How does “distributor enablement” impact a manufacturer’s bottomline?

Revives Stale Accounts:

When distributors lose interest in your products it halts sales, production and product advocacy. We call this becoming “bottom shelved”. Distributor enablement ignites enthusiasm & instills value in your partnership. The result is increased product knowledge that ultimately boosts sales and production.

Equips Distributors with Marketing Resources:

Distributor enablement provides distributors with access to high-quality video materials. Distributors use these resources to effectively market your products and services, expanding your reach and increasing sales. We’re not talking about boring product catalogs and info sheets; we’re talking about impactful, reusable video content that attracts new distributors while enabling current ones.

Streamlines Sales Team Training:

Distributor enablement is a cost-effective/ time-efficient way to educate distributors on understanding, positioning and selling your products. No more expensive travel for minimal ROI. Creating accessible content is a non-intrusive way to support accounts and train distributors at scale. Your sales teams will have time to focus on clearer revenue generating activities when they do travel.

Accelerates Reordering:

By providing necessary tools and resources, you’re empowering your team to collaborate with distributors on revenue generating activities. Distributor enablement establishes a clear strategy that focuses on mutual investment . Whether your starting a new relationship on strong foundations or rekindling a slow-growth account, positioning your products with our playbooks creates shorter reorder times & larger quantities.

The “Distributor IQyou” Program



If you’re asking these questions, you should consider reaching out:

How often are my distributors thinking about/recommending us?

Your distributors are just like you. They are looking to reach their own targets, service the needs of their clients and act out of their best interest. If you’re asking this question it’s because you don’t have any standard programming in place to help you answer it. Manufacturer’s who have an enablement strategy in place can answer: who needs to know about our products, what do they need to know to position/sell our products, what have we provided them to support sales and what are the next steps for our team to make our partnership a priority.

Are my product catalogues and information sheets doing enough to help my distributors?

Distributors and their sales team will sell your products ONLY when they fully understand it. They will recommend your products to their clients when they feel confident that they can speak to it and that it will resonate with clients. Video is the most engaging way of communicating your offerings by tapping into audial and visual senses. Studies proved that people retain 72%+ of information on a video and only upto 27% when reading text. On their own time, people watch an astounding average of 19 hours of online video per week. If you don’t provide them a video, somebody else within your industry will!

Why are 20% of our accounts producing 80%+ of our revenue?

The reason you’re experiencing “dead production” from 80% of your accounts is because distributors have chosen to “bottom shelf” your products & frankly your relationship. The harsh truth is they carry your products but have given up on trying to recommend how/why your products are a good fit . Distributors and sales teams resort to pushing products that they know best and feel comfortable communicating. To activate your full book of business, you need to enable distributors on the things they need to conduct business on your behalf.

My team has built relationships with distributors and we still haven’t seen account growth, why?

There’s plenty of reasons why an account CAN see organic growth. Some of the more obvious reasons are natural market fit, high demand, market size. If your team spends time with distributors with little growth it’s because your meetings aren’t productive. The reality is that without clear programming between you, there’s no mutual understanding. When was the last time you asked distributor’s about their sales process? Do you know what THEY need to position you?

If you don’t have these answers, you should start there.

Who is this NOT for?

Companies that don’t want to learn. Companies that are looking for overnight successes. Companies who don’t have a collaborative work environment. Companies who believe their distributors are selling too much. Manufacturer’s that are happy with the volume of products all of their distributors move. Manufacturer’s who have a high distributor activation rate (they are buying increasing volume & frequently).

Who will you be working with?

Shore with Blue Sea

Ali Hammoud, the CEO of V-selling is a business communications graduate and former Partnerships Manager at one of the leading video technology companies on the market. He also spent time in Partnerships for Clearco (led by Dragon’s Den Michele Romanow). After consulting on complex video solutions for many Fortune 500 companies and small businesses alike, he identified that the pain points that most companies face selling can be alleviated through the utilization of video in sales and marketing. After spending 8 years in a rapidly changing sales & marketing climate – he’s put together the masterplan to usher in the new way of communicating in Channel Sales.

V-selling’s mission is to usher in the new age of manufacturers through effective communication.



★★★★★ 4.8

Ali understands personalized videos and sales enablement which provided us with a creative approach to build trust.

I recommend Ali to any professional seeking a master of modern communication and sales enablement.

Matthew Scott

Founder – Feed The Agency

★★★★★ 4.3

The V-Selling approach taught by Ali caught us by surprise. We didn’t realize what we were up against in the market today with accessibility to this type of strategy and tech. Not only are we seeing an increase in sales KPI’s, but our clients reactions to these changes in daily communication have been eye-opening. Our level of customer service has skyrocketed since adding video to our process.

Brock Lupal

President – Luminor Environmental

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