The future of business depends on video.

We help you decide how and where your business can benefit from the power of video to communicate and interact with your customers, prospects and employees.

What we do

Video Asset Creation

We create animated, live action or interactive videos that are right for your industry, company and audience. Our team is focused on delivering great content while making sure every video we make converts into sales.

Video Selling Masterclass

We will teach your sales team to prospect & sell utilizing personalized video outreaches. Our masterclass is concise and crafted to teach your team to inject video into their sales process to increase their core KPI’s.

Video Sales & Marketing Campaigns

Scrap the boring mass email outreaches to your database. For those that are looking to generate more leads, we’ll show you how to engage with scalable personalized video campaigns. Together we can send 1000’s of personalized sales videos to break into new accounts and convert higher than you’ve ever seen.

Video Strategy

As a strategic video services partner, we’ve crafted a playbook called the Lumen Methodology that injects highly engaging video experiences for your prospects, clients and sales team. Over time, we’ll transform your business into a video-centric experience that will grow your business, while creating a memorable experience your newly found customers will rave about.

“Whether you adopt a video marketing strategy today or a year from now, you’re going to need it in order to survive in a digital marketplace”

Why you need to care about video

This is the new standard for business

80% of the buying decision is done online and it’s self-serve. Your prospects don’t want to talk to you until they think you can help. When people were asked how they’d most like to learn about a product or service, 73% said they’d prefer to watch a short video. This compares to 11% who’d rather read a text-based article, website or post and only 3% said they would prefer a sales call or demo.

Utilizing video in your business matches today’s buying behaviours

Customers will only buy your product when they understand what it does and how it will help them. Video is the most engaging way of communicating by tapping into audial and visual senses. Studies show that people retain up to 72% of information on a video and only 27% when reading text. On their own time, people watch an astounding average of 19 hours of online video per week.

Businesses who don’t care will be left behind

According to statistics, the top 3 reasons why businesses don’t use video is because a lack of time, they don’t know where to start with creating a video and they lastly they are unclear on the ROI of video. At V-Selling, we will help you through all these pains to save you time, guide/educate you through the process and justify the ROI with the right technology. Challenge: Google ” Is video important in business” and see for yourself.

The transition to virtual selling

Pre-Covid, some of the most dominant companies in the world had already shifted their businesses online. Post-Covid, marketers and businesses were forced to rethink traditional ways of selling and marketing to cater to a changing virtual landscape. As businesses adopted new practices like selling via zoom and offering engaging and educational video experiences online, it has become the standard. The percentage of companies that create more than 51 videos each year has increased by 261% since 2020 – where do you stand?

Quick Video Tips

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About Us

Shore with Blue Sea

Ali Hammoud, the founder and head video coach at V-selling is a business communications graduate, amateur boxer and former employee at one of the leading video technology companies on the market. After working to provide complex video solutions for many Fortune 500 companies and small businesses alike, he identified that the pain points that most companies face selling in a virtual/digital/remote landscape can be alleviated by bringing back the human element to sales and marketing with video. After spending 8 years in a rapidly changing sales & marketing climate – he’s put together the masterplan to usher in the new way of communicating and ultimately selling. V-selling’s mission is to help as many businesses meet the demands of today’s buyer and build a community while doing it. You can read more about Ali in this brief interview or learn more about his way of thinking through his TikTok.



★★★★★ 4.8

Ali understands personalized videos and sales enablement which provided us with a creative approach to build trust.

I recommend Ali to any professional seeking a master of modern communication and sales enablement.

Matthew Scott

Founder – Feed The Agency

★★★★★ 4.3

The V-Selling approach taught by Ali caught us by surprise. We didn’t realize what we were up against in the market today with accessibility to this type of strategy and tech. Not only are we seeing an increase in sales KPI’s, but our clients reactions to these changes in daily communication have been eye-opening. Our level of customer service has skyrocketed since adding video to our process.

Brock Lupal

President – Luminor Environmental

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